Work Visas

New Zealand’s immigration policy contains a number of temporary work visa options.

If you fit within any of the following scenarios then you may be eligible to apply for a work visa to New Zealand.


  • I have a job offer from a New Zealand employer.
  • I’ve just graduated from a course of study in New Zealand.
  • I’m in a relationship with a New Zealander.
  • I work in a skilled occupation that is in long term or immediate shortage in New Zealand.
  • I want to work in New Zealand for a specific purpose or event.
  • I’m young, highly qualified and living overseas.
  • I’m a traveller from a country that has an approved working holiday scheme with New Zealand



Introduced in 2022, this visa requires your employer to be accredited with Immigration New Zealand and to have an approved Job Check for the role it wishes to offer you. 

It is essential for you and your potential employer to understand the policy requirements in place under this category. Has your employer made genuine attempts to find suitable local candidates for the position? If you think you are in a skill shortage occupation listed on the Green List, do you satisfy Immigration requirements for that occupation?

We advise on and act in hundreds of work visa applications, in addition to providing specialised corporate visa services for New Zealand employers. If you have a job offer in New Zealand and you’re thinking of applying for a work visa, or your work visa application has run into difficulties, you and your employer need professional advice and representation.

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Partnership Work Visa

If you’re the partner (spouse or de facto partner) of a New Zealand citizen or resident, a partnership work visa can enable you to work for any employer (or be self-employed) in New Zealand while your relationship continues to develop.

Partnership work visas typically act as a “bridge” to residence by enabling you to live, work and play in New Zealand until you and your partner meet the 12 month “living together” requirement for Partnership Residence

While there’s no minimum “living together” period under this category, it’s important to understand the various criteria that Immigration New Zealand apply for determining whether your relationship is genuine and stable. With a number of requirements to satisfy, being the partner or spouse of a New Zealand citizen, resident or work visa holder does not automatically guarantee you a work visa. Your application requires attention to detail and careful compliance with Immigration requirements.

Contact us now to discuss your relationship and to find out about special “Relationship Work-to-Residence” package.

Study to Work Visa

If you’re an international student in New Zealand and have completed your studies, you may be eligible for an Open Post Study Work Visa upon completion of your course of study, one which enhances your chances of getting Residence. 

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Silver Fern Work Category

If you’re young, highly qualified and living overseas, this work category could be for you. The Silver Fern Work Category is designed to attract qualified young people to travel to New Zealand to find employment, and provide a pathway for them to gain residence.

The Silver Fern Work category allows young people who have recognised qualifications to secure an initial Job Search Work Visa for New Zealand and find skilled employment here. If you find the right job, you could then be eligible for a further work visa or residence.

A quota has been set limiting the places available per year.

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Work to Residence Visa

This category provides certain applicants the option of working in New Zealand for 30 months in order to gain permanent residence under either –

  • Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Category
  • for migrants with an offer of full time employment from an accredited employer with a minimum base salary. (This category is now being phased out by Immigration New Zealand).
  • Talent (Arts, Culture & Sports) Category – for those with an exceptional talent in a declared field of art, culture or sport and who are sponsored by a reputable New Zealand organisation.
  • Talent (Long Term Skill Shortage) Category – for those migrants with job offers for occupations that are in long-term shortage in New Zealand. (This category is now being phased out by Immigration New Zealand)

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Working Holiday Visa

If you’re a young traveller from one of the countries below and considering a one-two year working holiday in New Zealand, contact us to find out if you qualify for a Working Holiday Visa.

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