Immigration Problems

Immigration difficulties can often feel like cliff-hanging experiences.

At McLeod & Associates we specialise in finding permanent solutions to complex immigration issues.
Some of the types of cases we handle include:

  • Large corporate visa and investment matters
  • High Court judicial review challenges of immigration decision-making
  • Solving eligibility problems in immigration applications
  • Expert legal advice on immigration law issues
  • Ministerial appeals or special direction requests
  • Resolving character or medical issues in temporary and residence visa applications
  • Finding lasting solutions for overstayers and migrants without valid visas
  • Advising employers and employment lawyers on matters affecting immigration applications (ensuring compliance with immigration law policy requirements)
  • Deportation appeals
  • Refugee applications and appeals
  • Revocation of New Zealand citizenship
  • Ombudsmen complaints
  • Immigration fraud
  • Representing migrants who are defending criminal charges that impact on their immigration cases and working with their criminal lawyers
  • Advice and representation in Family Law disputes impacting on immigration cases

Even in today’s regulated immigration industry, some immigration consultants lack a sufficient grasp of the immigration laws and regulations underlying immigration policy, and so they lack the tools needed for finding the best solutions for their clients’ immigration issues.

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Kia Ora and welcome to McLeod & Associates – New Zealand’s leading provider of immigration services.

In New Zealand we’ve known for a long time that we live in paradise and with just over four million people living here, there’s plenty of space for everyone. New Zealand is the world's new land of opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs, students, skilled migrants and families. It’s the quality of life here that attracts many new migrants to New Zealand and with its unique blend of cultures, New Zealand's cosmopolitan society and migration policies welcome people from across the globe.


With our unique immigration lawyer - consultant combination, we’ve won countless cases for migrants wanting to live, work and play in New Zealand. We get the job done quickly, professionally and successfully. Our professional standards are regulated by the New Zealand Law Society to ensure that our clients receive advice and representation of the highest quality, and our more than 20 years of combined experience has proven to be a winning advantage for thousands of migrants in achieving their immigration plans. 

Residence Categories

If you are looking to migrate to the youngest, freshest, and most dynamic country in the world, our people have the expertise to make your move here trouble-free and successful. We provide high quality immigration services and results for New Zealand migrants in all areas of immigration including:

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Immigration Problems