Irina Afansova — Russia, Family Residence

Love Conquers All

Before she met her partner Antonio, Irina Afanasova worked as an accountant in her home-town of Saratov in Russia and didn’t know where New Zealand was located. “When he showed me photos I thought it was a beautiful country,” she says. So she travelled to New Zealand on a limited purposes three month visa.

“We wanted for me to stay but I struggled to get another visa to come back as the New Zealand authorities would only give me a limited purpose visa,” says Irina. “One of the reasons they gave, was that my relationship with my partner Antonio was not long enough.”

That’s when she contacted McLeod & Associates. “Thanks to them I got an open visa and was granted permanent residence”, she says.

It was easy for Irina to adapt to living in New Zealand.

“I have found the love of my life and his family and friends have become my family and friends and they give me a lot of love and support. I love the beautiful beaches and scenery and how you don’t have to drive a long way to get to places.”

Irina, who works for the ANZ Bank in Auckland, reports that it was easy to find a good job in New Zealand and settle here. “Compared to Russia, New Zealand is a more relaxed country, the people are friendly and the weather is of course different.”

 “I would give McLeod & Associates 10 out of 10. I was blessed with amazing support and communication from this firm and great encouragement in my time of need. I would recommend them to anyone who has any immigration problems.”

 Irina and Antonio (who is a professional stunt man) are now looking forward to travelling and starting a family. Her advice to anyone considering moving to New Zealand, is:

“Don’t be afraid! New Zealand is a great country to live in, whether you are here to work, study or play.”