Hamed and Houman Haddadi — Iran, Work to Residence

People Who Appreciate Life

Hamed and Houman Haddadi are two brothers from Tehran, Iran, where they both studied Agriculture Engineering. Hamed finished his bachelors degree and Houman was in his second year when the two of them decided to move to New Zealand for a new life.

 “Before we came here we thought New Zealand was a big village with lots of farms”, says Hamed.

“Everything is different in New Zealand compared to Iran:

  • Sports: Iranians love soccer but rugby is the most popular sport in New Zealand.
  • Cars: Kiwis like small sporty cars but Iranians prefer huge family cars.
  • Lifestyle: In Iran people like to stay in and have some fun at home but in New Zealand everybody loves to go out and do some outdoor activities.
  • Food: Most people in New Zealand have sweet tooths but in Iran people like salty and sour tastes.
  • Study: In Iran the final exam is very important, you can skip all the classes and just cram for the final exam and pass your paper, but in New Zealand every test and assignment counts.”

While studying to be chefs in New Zealand, Hamed and Houman were able to take up part time employment at La Porchetta Restaurant in Auckland, and after completing their courses the restaurant offered them full time employment.

Through the representation of McLeod & Associates the brothers were granted permanent residence.

“We recommend McLeod & Associates. In immigration you get what you pay for. McLeod and Associates are not the cheapest option but in the end it was worth it.”

The brothers’ plan for the future is to establish their own chain of restaurants.

“New Zealand is a beautiful country with nice friendly people and it’s very safe for families and children” says Hamed. “New Zealand is not for people who want to get rich. It’s for people who appreciate life.”